The Things I've Eaten

I'm a vegetarian. This is what I eat.

Food journal. It’s my new years resolution.

Pomegranate juice.

Potato chips.

Ramen with an egg fried in butter.

Coffee with cream. Left over lasagna.

1/3 of a candy bar and some wine. Hubs is cooking skillet lasagna. I’ll eat that for dinner when it is ready.

OK - Lunch was Ramen with a fried egg and two people of some variety of quick bread slathered with butter. I also had a cup of coffee with creamer. 

There’s just no reasoning behind my long absence from here. I guess around the holidays, food comes fast and furious and keeping up with all the snacks would be difficult, but I am going to start again. Every day, we start again. 

Today I have a goal of eating only food that I prep myself. No eating out (it’s gotten almost obligatory, and I don’t like that) and no picking up stuff I’m not hungry for around the office. 


Coffee with cream 

Leftover Tofu Curry with rice 

I’m starting to work on my New Years resolutions. I LOVE resolutions and I think i will do things a little differently this year. Every month, hubs and I sit down and track our Net Worth to see how we are progressing on our financial goals. I think this year we are going to track ALL new years resolutions this year during that monthly tracking. The Net Worth tracking has been infinitely helpful and illuminating. NY resolutions tracking might be too. 

And then…

I had a truffle like candy as a snack. And skillet lasagna for dinner. And a chocolate square after dinner.

For lunch I actually had 3 tacos. AND a diet coke. 


Coffee for breakfast. 

I expect I’ll have chips and salsa for lunch and 2 avocado, cheese and sour cream tacos. 


Let’s see. Yesterday I had:

A “turky” and mayo sandwich for brunch

Coffee with cream (as always)

An egg and cheese sandwich with BBQ chips 

And (here’s where the tummy ache started) 3 truffle like candies

Some white chili for dinner that hubs made from that new cookbook. Very tasty, but needed some sort of side dish like corn muffins or even just plain old rice.